5 Ways To Pack For Travel

First trip? A seasoned globetrotter?  Regardless, it always helps to have a list of items you want to pack and a way to pack them, to maximise all the space that you have. No matter where your off to picking luggage that is lightweight, versatile and stylish. Selecting the right suitcase will go a long way in making your trip a more enjoyable one!

With this, packing the right way will allow you to include all the items you wish to flaunt on that beach in Europe, on that street in the States or on that adventure just about anywhere in the world!

So I decided to find the top 5 tips to packing for travel!

Bookmark this blog because you’ll want to come back to it as your trip gets closer. It will be a guide for when your mind is only thinking about one thing, getting to the airport on time!

  1. Categorise your items!

Tops. When packing for any trip the first thing to do is make sure you have all the items to make the perfect outfit. Starting with a top you cannot go wrong with a classic t-shirt, this item is universal and allows you to create multiple outfits.

Bottoms. These can be just as important! Especially when travelling you want to have an item that is both comfortable and stylish encompassing the two are linen pants! For me THEY’RE JUST SO COOL! They hold their shape; I never get sweaty because I don’t know about you but summer or winter I am always sweating! Another great feature is that they’re hypo-allergenic this is perfect for people who may get allergic reactions easily. Finally they’re environmentally friendly!

Next is Outwear! Keeping in mind you don’t want to be doing much ironing on your trip, knits are the answer! You can roll them up, fold them, put them in a ball whatever gives you the most space in your bag and when you take it out you’re good to go!


  1. Organise outfits

Any person packing should be idealising their outfits, putting combos together and seeing what top will go with what bottom and vice versa.  You want to able to stick to the basics and have colours that allow for frequent outfit changes. Light or dark bottoms and you can’t go wrong, add a dash of colour with the top and you’re already picturing yourself on that beach in Greece.


  1. Choose items that won’t wrinkle!

I guess this goes without saying but do your best to choose items that are wrinkle free. Linen pants and knits both provide great flexibility in this department giving you more time to go an explore New York City. Rather than being stuck in your hotel ironing out all the unwanted creases your flight has pleasantly given you.



  1. Put rolled items at the bottom!

After the hardest part of the trip is finished, deciding what to pack. Finding room to fit it all you’re your luggage can be a breeze let me tell you why. ROLL YOUR ITEMS. This allows you take up all the pockets of space that would have been left by simply folding your clothes and as we all know every inch counts.


  1. Cover the pile with a dry cleaning bag

This is a lifesaver! You’re not always going to be able to pack wrinkle free items so the answer to ensuring they still look the same when they come out of the luggage is dry cleaning bags! Putting individual items in these bags ensures there is something in between them when things start to move and this will allow items to stay virtually wrinkle free for hours inside your luggage!

So when you’re on your way to getting on the plane, make sure you're okay with how you packed that day by using these 5 helpful tips!

AJ & Co.

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