Ethical & Social Responsibility For A Sustainable Tomorrow

When beginning a clothing brand, a lot of flash and hype is focused towards the clothes you make, the final product. It is what we see, it is what our customers see and as a result we create designs that we would wear along with the people that share our style.

Ethical fashion

However, it isn't often that there are considerations about how the item or collection was fully made or whether it has been created in an ethically and socially accepted manner. At AJ & Co we have made it our mission to change that. One of our key pillars is to focus carefully on our entire supply chain and production process, we believe that no stone should go unturned.

This is as, if not the most important aspect of our process. When we choose our suppliers we put them through rigorous interviews which gives us the freedom to obtain the answer to any questions that we have on our mind. Do they meet health & safety guidelines? Are they promoting a harassment and abuse free environment? Do they avoid discrimination

These questions are only an example but should act as notice for how thorough and elaborate our process is and how others should be. Clear transparency ensures we can be committed and confident that our collections are produced in such a way that we would be happy to go out to models, stores and customers willing and able to share our designs.

So why did we decide to write this article? To heap praise on what our story stands for? On what our purpose is?

No. This article should act as awareness in the fight for every brand, clothing or not to act in an ethically and socially responsible manner. We cannot do it alone. As the great Barack Obama once said “We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions” as Helen Keller said “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. So, it is these words that should aid us in achieving something great. Making a conscientious decision to understand how our products are made, by whom our products are made and in what conditions. 

We hope that fashion labels follow suit. It is about engaging in ethically and socially acceptable practices that gives us the ability to do our bit in creating a sustainable world today, for our tomorrow.

Do your bit, because every little bit count’s, MAKE AN IMPACT <3

We would love for as many people to share this as possible to generate awareness and start a discussion today!


The Team @ AJ&Co. 

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