Purpose & Mission

So, what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Don’t know? Unsure? If that’s you then that’s fine, you’re not alone! Millions of people wake up day after day brainlessly commuting to jobs they can barely tolerate. But why?  Maybe it’s the lifestyle that their place of work can provide them? Or maybe they are too frightened to try something new? Whatever the reason may be the time we spend on this planet is finite so why waste it doing something we can only tolerate? Most us run around day to day chasing the elusive dollar, sacrificing today for a brighter tomorrow while failing to recognise that time is a limited resource, while currency is in abundance.  At any moment your world can come crashing down and it’s not until that point when you realise the gift of life is extremely fragile and should be handled with care

 “But what will I do instead?”, you ask. Most people will sit on this question and watch the days, months & years pass without taking any legitimate action to investigate what truly drives their spirit, slowly sinking deeper into the sinkhole that is complacency because they struggle to find a starting point, but what if there was a starting point? 

The key to unlocking your life is education.

That doesn’t mean acquiring a tertiary qualification and stopping there, it is lifelong learning that is the answer. It is your birthright to do what truly makes you feel a sense of fulfilment in your everyday life which stems back to the old cliché, ‘do what makes you happy’ but sometimes finding out what that is happens too late or even worse, never! The most valuable asset you’ll ever own is your mind, so what you put into it determines what you gain in return, but how exactly do you get started finding your purpose and mission? Easy! It’s as simple as picking up that book you’ve always wanted to read or enrolling in that class you always wanted to take but always found a reason for not doing. The words spoken or written by a likely stranger can work wonders in connecting you with the person you ought to know the best, you. The more you educate yourself, the more educated about yourself you become by finding what rings true. So, invest in yourself, it always pays the best interest! 

The power of changing your focus.

The human brain has two semi-independent largely separate mental systems. The lower layer of your brain recognised as the bottom-up mind has massive computing power and is constantly functioning, working away in the shadows helping you solve your problems with a sudden solution while your mind is seemingly adrift. The top layers of your brain, known as the top-down mind are responsible for voluntary focus, willpower, and deliberate choices. But what does this mean?

When the bottom-up mind is over used during procrastination and non-stimulating mental activity it has the tendency to develop negative thoughts. By homing in on the top down functionality of your brain through a mentally stimulating and productive activity the bottom up brains inclination towards developing negative thoughts are reduced, improving your ability to think positively. Activities like reading, writing & exercising all fit the criteria for constructive top down mental activity.

In saying that, we can’t forget to day dream! We can hold the bottom up brain responsible for some of the human races most astonishing discoveries. Some of the great tales of human insight begin with a bath, a long walk or a vacation.  For example, award winning film director, Andrew Stanton got the inspiration for the Pixar robot star WALL-E's face while enjoying a baseball game.   Open time to ruminate free of distraction, unleashes your creative spirit and allows it to flourish so finding a balance between both layers of the brain is crucial. 

We want to inspire you to make a change in your life.

We want you to go against the grain and most importantly find the thing that makes you leap out of bed in the morning, but the thing about inspiration is that it’s short-lived. Inspiration can come and go just as quickly as the gift of life. What really drives a person to achieve something is Motivation. Motivation is long-term and is driven by the right habits. We are what we do repeatedly. Consistently feeding your brain with knowledge will put you on the fast track to finding your purpose and mission and help put you in the right frame of mind to meet the people that will help you get there. As cliché as this sounds, this is the perfect time to do it. 

To get you off and running, I’m going to leave you with one of our favourites from former chairman and CEO of International Business Machines (IBM), Thomas J. Watson.

‘Follow the path of the unsafe independent thinker and expose your ideas to the danger of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less that label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity’ –

Thomas J. Watson.


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