About AJ.

 Beginning in 2016, AJ & Co started the journey of offering a premium fashion label at accessible prices. In our conception we understood that each product should have the ability to be worn at any place, at any time, which has allowed us to grow to where we are today.

 Accompanied with this all items are designed in Melbourne, Australia to encompass a youthfully sophisticated look. The focus on carefully sourcing the best material for our collection has been enhanced through our visits across Europe.

 Understanding the appeal for stylish, sophisticated and simplistic clothing AJ & Co will continue to grow and enhance our products and deliver a unique shopping experience through which customers can defy the trends and create their very own.

AJ's Social Responsibility & Ethics
AJ & Co’s engagement with consumers, expresses the utmost importance on social responsibility. It guides us in operating with the highest standards of business ethics and respect for human rights.
We work with great people and we care for their well-being. It isn’t only that, we care how we do business, who we do business with, and how people are treated when they’re working. These values help us ensure we and our suppliers act responsibly and are adhering to providing safe, legal and humane working conditions.



 We are stylesophistication and simplicity.

 We are AJ & Co.